Friday, August 10, 2012

10 whole years

Yesterday we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and Adrian's birthday. It seems unreal that we have been married for that long. When I look at how much the Lord has done in our marriage and lives it seems that 10 years can hardly contain all that He has worked out and blessed and grown us up.

We have moved 11 times, 3 of those being to different states. We have had 3 babies and my sister has come to live with us. We have had too many fights and arguments to count that have eventually taught us to listen and communicate better and compromise.

I have learned, even though it's hard and I fail at this a lot, that if I simply submit to Adrian I'm being obedient to God and making it so much easier for my husband to lead me.

We've learned that though God never guaranteed we would never be in hard times He has never left us and He has always made His presence known with utter peace and joy.

We have learned that in spite of our best laid plans God loves to throw us curve balls in the form of moving to places we didn't imagine and babies at times that we didn't "plan", and to laugh with the Father at the thought that we are in control of anything lol.

We have learned that what we need is and how to live well with that and still be generous.

We have learned what true friendship is, with each other and the deep friendships we have been gifted with others.

We have learned that despite our terrible flaws our God is willing to use us to encourage others and grow us up, because He is able and not because of anything we can do.

And we have learned that the best thing we want to teach our children is that if they embrace the Father with everything they have they will never feel anything but complete and perfect peace in spite of the storms and hardships that come because God works everything for the good of those that love Him and for the glory of His name.

Over and over and over again, we have been the beneficiaries of God's faithfulness in the huge and minute things, of His pleasure and grace, and of looking back in awe of the history He has built with us through years of provision. We are so blessed, so much more than I could ever put into words or even comprehend but I won't doubt His words or His leading because every single time he has been faithful, sometimes His answer is yes, wait, and many times it has been no - but every time it has been good. Thank you my Father for purposing us for You and for each other, help us steward out family, calling, and home well always for Your glory.

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  1. A little late but Congratulations on your 10 years of marriage. You have a beautiful family <3