Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is Us

We are a family of 5 now.
Our third child, Adrian Jasper (AJ) is 2 months old already and it has gone by in the blink of an eye. I find myself wanting him to stay little more than ever and its heartbreaking knowing that he won't and that one day he won't be all my own. For some reason this realization has hit me so much harder this time around. Jasper is so happy and content, he brings to me the indescribable peace of God with his smile. How can one little person hold so much of your heart? He's a love.
Tatianna (Tati) is my responsible joyous child, she has her moments of whinyness and crybabyness but c'mon she's only going to be 4, ugh she's already going to be 4! How can that little girl that I fist saw in the NICU fighting for her life and learned so much from and with so soon be turning 4? She is so independant and happy about simple things, she loves admiring God's creation and finds beauty in rocks. She loves her brother and sister in a way only the oldest child can understand. She is a beauty.
Bethani (The Bunni) is almost 2, she is definetly my quirky child and leaves me in awe of my Creator, how can he make little people that come from the same 2 people so different!?! She is carefree in a way that only a little sister that knows that she has a big sister watching out for her can be and yet stubborn. She loves with reckless abandon and yet takes a while to warm up to people. She's my fighter so I discourage anyone hurting her brother or sister. She is laughter.
I'm amazed by the gift that my children are, how can we have such blessing, there is nothing we've done to deserve it. Only the marvelous Father could make a family from 2 very broken individuals that come and continually lay our lives before Him asking Him to finish the work He started in us. I see the process of that work in the precious faces that wake me every morning, wrapping tiny arms around me with joyous laughter. How can we take that for granted or even groan when our sleep is interrupted by that sweetness? I want to challenge myself to enjoy every second, even when its hard, because all to soon it will change and be a cherished memory. Thanks for letting my pour out my heart that is in my family, my mission, God's vision.