Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I got my rebate!

I'm so excited! The rebate for worked and I got my rebate last week. I even took a pic of the check (I know I'm goofy). I got 3 brand new bum geniuses 3.0 one size diapers for $28 and change, that's less than $10 dollars per dipe when they are usually almost $18 each! If you're intrested in getting almost $25 off your first order at here is the info (there are stipulations on some items). They have all kinds of stuff from dipes (cloth and disposeables) and accessories to carseats and gear! Free shipping on orders over $49!

You must be a new customer to for this deal to work.

1. Sign up for a new account.

2. Pick out what you want. You will need $49 in diapers!

3. Use the code TANI5948 to get $10 off your order plus free shipping (this is also a referral code).

4. Fill out that form to get your money back for the parenting magazine subscription, put it in an envelope, stamp the envelope and set it in a location where it will not get lost! (You will add your invoice to the envelope when your delivery arrives)
Here is a link to the rebate form if you missed it!
It's a PDF file for you to print. It has instructions on the form.

5. When you get your order, take the invoice out, put it in the envelope, mail it. You will get $14.97 back via a snail mail rebate.

Your total after rebates for a $49 order will be $23.64!

***there is even a way to use your manufacturer's coupons! sells diaper, clothes, maternity, food, and more so there are so many possibilities! Don't forget to put the code TANI5948 ;)

Now I'm trying to build up my referral credits to get a good double umbrella stroller, I'll let you know how it goes but you can help me by ordering!


  1. I did this too. I am still waiting on my check but it really is a great deal. :)

  2. I've tried to use the code. It keeps telling me that I have to purchase diapers to get it. Fuzzibunz are in my cart, do they not count as diapers?

  3. I think that fuzzibunz doesn't qualify for the offer. I got the BGs and they did, you have to read what the stipulations are because I'm not sure. I hope you figure it out and if not just call them, remember to still use my reference code!