Friday, April 24, 2009

The diaper I want to try!

Since I started looking at building my stash for AJ I've been looking for dipes he can share with Bunni since she is still not getting the potty training as much as she wants to, and because it makes more sense to me to get him diapers he'll use until he potty trains also. Well since I had to buy them in January after he was born and Gro Baby wasn't out until the end of March - early April, I haven't been able to try one and really want to.
My stash isn't extravagant but is totally functional, I have bleached and unbleached Chinese prefolds (PFs) and Wonder Wrap covers in kiwi and mandarin, a Thisrties cover in small and one in medium, and 3 obe size Bum Geniuse (BGs) pocket dipes. I am so excited because I entered a Gro Baby giveaway (I haven't had much luck in giveaways but who says I can't win one!) on Check them out for your chance to try!
I am also going to start reviewing some (WAHM items on my page and letting you know some awsome sources for cloth diapering, baby, children, and momma items; and other items that will help you be a bit greener! Please subscribe to our blog if you're interested in learning about my new ventures in this area.
I really love cloth diapering, it feels so good to know that my little ones are getting less rashes and good items that save us money and help lessen waste. We are trying our best to be wise with what God gives us and feel that for us this is a really good start! Blessings and hope to hear from all of you!

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